Twenty Ways Other Winners Did It


Twenty of the 90plusgamsat crowd’s best essays, with extensive feedback from two master tutors. 82 pages, ~37,000 words.

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Twenty of the 90plusgamsat crowd’s best essays, with extensive feedback from two master tutors. 82 pages, ~37,000 words.
“I’m not good at writing.” “I don’t know what ACER want.” “English isn’t my first language.”
Shush. You’re talking yourself into a low score.
This isn’t a writing test. I don’t care how you write. They don’t need JK Rowling taking histories or examining patients.
This is a test of how you think.
If you’ve been around long enough you might have heard of the S2 Sorted Group on fb (4200+ members), 90plusgamsat, and the complete disruption of the S2 space we’ve made over the last few years (90+ in S2 six sittings in a row, 40% of students above 80, 70% above 98th percentile).
But, I’ve noticed, a fear lingers among students that the results they see everybody else getting somehow isn’t possible for them.
“It’s just him. He has talent I don’t.” “She knows more philosophy than me.” “They’re obviously just smart.”
Hear this: That is bs.
I’m not special. My student’s aren’t particualrly smarter than anybody else.
And here’s the proof.
For the past year myself and one of my past 91 scoring S2 students, Lana, been working on a compilation of our students’ high scoring writing, with extensive feedback: the last book in the S2 Sorted Series. It’s an 80 page redo of the old Des O’Neal S2 manual which, frankly, left a little to be desired as you can’t find an 80+ scoring essay in the thing (sorry Des, we love you.)
In it you’ll find ironclad proof that my earlier book Twenty of the Best (containing 20 of my 85-90+ essays) are not just the result of natural talent, but were the outcome of a now proven methodology that can, and has been repeated. Here are twenty ordinary students who over the course of a sitting became extraorindary GAMSAT scorers, with mine and Lana’s critique so you can follow where they picked up the marks, and where they dropped them.
Get the book. Make the improvements. And when you do send me your essays. Perhaps we’ll put yours in the next one 😉


Essays like this didn’t exist when I did my preparation. Had they have, I could have saved a great deal of time, money and effort – and would have inevitably done better for SII, and probably the other sections, too, with the time saved.

Now you don’t need to guess what the best looks like. You don’t have to worry that the place you’re getting feedback from is coaching you to a criteria that might not actually be truly representative of what ACER really wants.

Just see what they did. It worked.

Instant pdf download upon payment.

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