The Ideal Task B


The ideas behind my record breaking score plus a line-by-line granular explanation of exactly how to write an ideal Task B response with two additional 90+ essays.

(62 pages; 22, 520 words)


I found from the feedback surveys I did that most everyone had high praise for the Philosophy of Section II Success, yet in the 90+ Facebook group – where I mentor students free of charge – there arose two distinct groups of students. Some, from the first read, were able to take their first steps into application and I saw it immediately in their essays which in some cases jumped 10 points almost immediately.

Others responded best to different learning styles and got more value from the granular descriptions of “here: write exactly this here, and this is why” type instruction that I often give in my essay analysis. I found myself repeating similar things so I decided to just write out it all out in a new book. The Philosophy of Section II Success is a context in which the granular descriptions and instructions in The Ideal Task B can properly arise. 

You will get:

  • The Ideal Task B and a further two additional 90+ Task B essays (62 pages; 22, 520 words)

Immediate ebook download available upon payment.

For examples of the content see these blogs which are chapter excerpts:


Note: this is not a physical product, it will be emailed to you in soft copy.

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