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I wondered to myself one day “what if there was a best-of GAMSAT materials offering for students, to save them the hassle of knowing where to go, haggling the price, and knowing who not to listen to.”

Many months later (and a LOT of haggling, trust me) here it is. The best resources for each section, from the providers who do it best. All in one neat listen parcel. Designed to take your GAMSAT to the next level.

One of the hardest things to teach quickly and effectively is a deep understanding of the humanities and social sciences – which covers 2/3rds of the GAMSAT! It’s necessary as it lays a context for high performance in both S1 and 2. It also happens to be the biggest opportunity for genuine transformation through your GAMSAT studies, which shouldn’t be underestimated (I know you just want the mark, but if you transform yourself you don’t need to worry about tricking the marker into scoring you higher, you can just express yourself and BE higher quality!) Step in First Philosophy. Over 20 weeks of live classes, with reading materials and an online LMS, you will come to truly understand the ideas that characterize the world around you – which is the focus of assessment in S1 and 2.

Now, having understood the ideas that pertain to S1 and 2, you’ll need to be able to express them coherently, clearly, and in a way that presents to the marker a psychometric profile of yourself that shows them you are a good prospective doctor. 90plusgamsat was founded to remediate how much bad advice there is out there – and to articulate what performance at the highest levels looks like (and how to do it!). Having had 7 tutors myself, I had to sift through a lot of bs and use more intuition than I felt was fair. Our infamous Section II materials fill that hole and boy do they work – with 90plusgamsat students getting in the 80s and 90s in Section II at rates significantly higher than any other provider.

Finally, many students want practice questions, banks, mock exams, and reporting on what they did wrong, trends in their mistakes – across all sections. And Fraser’s proprietary materials do just this, with AI to help you learn and report to you analytics about your performance and areas of improvement.

The Self Study Package contains all of this. And more.
Further product details are below.


1. First Philosophy Humanities Course

Understand the humanities with world class PHD experts and University lecturers.

Assessment focuses on the way in which ideas are integrated into a thoughtful response to the task.”
– ACER information book

When you understand the ideas that the world is made of, you can talk with ease about any worldly topic.

This course covers 10 philosophical themes: The first 4 themes begin with the existential attitude of wonder, proceeding to the philosophical quest for truth, before analysing the subject who does this inquiring, the human being, and the knowledge and education required for such an investigation.

The remaining 6 themes: purpose, desire, freedom, being with others, science, and the present to the future, build on the first four to provide a holistic and unified understanding of our lives and the question of what it means to be human.

A few of the themes included in the course are given below:
Wonder, Truth, Human Being, Knowledge & Education, Purpose, Desire, Freedom, Being with Others, Science & The Future, The Examined Life

I can only answer the question ‘What am I to do?’ if I can answer the prior question ‘Of what story or stories do I find myself a part?’ – Alasdair MacIntyre

Academic topics and content are covered using contemporary and topical examples, designed to be easily understandable while thought provoking.

📥 Download detailed syllabus

1. Section II Books

Do you just want to get your Section II sorted?

There’s 266 pages of content here, some 87,000+ words, which as Dr Scott Fraser of Fraser’s GAMSAT put it when I was up to 40k words was “nearly” a thesis.

You’ll get my infamous guidebook The Philosophy of Section II Success; my line-by-line walkthrough of an ideal Task A follow up (which is twice as many words as the first book) How to Kick *ss in Task A; AND the Twenty Best, including 20 high scoring essay responses. Eight 90+; eight 85+; and four 80+. Half are Task A, half are Task B – and they’re written in completely different styles developed by me (and explained in my books) to maximally telegraph the psychometric qualities I mention in The Philosophy of Section II Success which ACER are looking for in an ideal Section II response.

Let get your Section II sorted.

Immediate download available upon payment.

3. Fraser’s GAMSAT Essentials

You’ll get the following when you signup:

The Question Bank – An ever increasing treasure of 2000 GAMSAT questions with hand-picked section 2 prompts.

A Complete Mock Exam – A rigorous and realistic test of current skills and tactics to further develop performance.

Fraser’s Proprietary Atlas – A custom platform that actively curates content for maximising your results and GAMSAT preparation.

This course provides you tangible guidance. The AI-learning system built into the Atlas learns from the user’s performance to determine the level of aptitude in each section’s skill domain. It provides tailored information most suited to the user. The user learns from the Atlas and prepares with the best question material.

Includes: Complete Online Question Bank; Full Mock Exam; Skills Centric Atlas for Section 1, 2 & 3; Fundamentals Atlas – Section 3; Dynamic AI-Atlas Technology; Domain Analytics; Handpicked Prompt Selection – Section 2; and Fraser’s Medical Community.