One Month To Go



One month to go is your guidebook to managing the last month of the GAMSAT: wherever you’re currently at.

Preparation is important but return to the base principle: GAMSAT is not a test of existing knowledge. GASMAT tests knowledge accumulated over a lifetime: broadly, your intelligence.

GAMSAT is a time-pressured test, and so agility, and therefore relaxation, is an essential skill; you can’t move quickly when you are tense.

I take you through the strategy of how to perform your best on the day, how to manage multi-choice, and approach the exam, what to do the week before and morning of, and everything I used not only to destroy the GAMSAT, but to be successful in whatever I put my mind to.

This book will help you maximise whatever foundation you’re standing on, no matter how large or small you perceive it to currently be.

Sitting down on the morning of your exam is like sitting down halfway through a game of monopoly, or chess. At this point, you have no control over what you do or don’t have. But you can still play your best, and you absolutely can still win. Here’s how to do it.

This guidebook is 15 pages long, and comes packaged with TWO webinars in the lead up to the exam, exclusively for those who have purchased the material.

Immediate download available upon purchase

Note: this is not a physical book – you will receive a soft copy of the book via email.