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A line-by-line granular explanation of exactly how to write an ideal Task A response with two additional 90+ Task A responses.

40 pages; 21,000 words (+ two essays on top)

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The first draft of The Philosophy of GAMSAT Section 2 Success which was written the morning after my results were posted. Within 24 hours I have received 80 requests for tutoring in my Facebook Messenger inbox and felt bad that I couldn’t service the leads, and that there were some who couldn’t afford having me explain what I know to them at the hourly rate I’d be willing to work for. So, I got up early and wrote a 14-page distillation of everything I had learned, my approach, the free and paid resources I used and liked most, and the ten qualities I discovered that ACER are really looking for in an ideal 90+ Section 2 response. I included the best guidance I could and added 1200 words of snippets from my highest scoring essays to example each point. It was an immediate success, and I was pleased to see praise and
reviews roll in.

The guide has been subsequently updated with an additional 14 pages of content, bringing it to 43 pages in total, and in response to feedback from students, now includes two of my best 90+ essays (one task A; one task B – written in different styles). These are all the tools and learnings I used to get a mark in the 100th percentile overall, and the highest Section 2 mark ever.

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I found from the feedback surveys I did that most everyone had high praise for the Philosophy of Section II Success, yet in the 90+ Facebook group – where I mentor students free of charge – there arose two distinct groups of students. Some, from the first read, were able to take their first steps into application and I saw it immediately in their essays which in some cases jumped 10 points almost immediately.

Others responded best to different learning styles and got more value from the granular descriptions of “here: write exactly this here, and this is why” type instruction that I often give in my essay analysis. I found myself repeating similar things so I decided to just write out it all out in a new book. The Philosophy of Section II Success is a context in which the granular descriptions and instructions in How to Kick *ss In Task A can properly arise. This is a step-by-step instruction of what to do to write a perfect Task A response.

40 pages; 21,000 words (+ two essays on top)

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For examples of the contents see these blogs which are chapter excerpts: