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Writing is a skill that we aim to develop during our GAMSAT preparation period. The hours of GAMSAT preparation classes and practices are priceless. However, when it comes to writing portfolios, we often find difficulty articulating what needs to be said. What stands in between the GAMSAT and the interview has increasingly become a great source of apprehension, confusion, and stress for prospective medical students. The task of writing a personal statement (“How do I back myself? Am I really a convincing applicant? How can I effectively and persuasively communicate that?”), contacting old referees, while summarising years of work or volunteer experience in a handful of words requires a niche balance of skill and know-how which has little correspondence to the ability to actually do the work of doctoring. Nevertheless, it is required of you should you be given the chance to study medicine at universities like UND and the University of Wollongong. This is where we can make all the difference. 

Naushad is the co-founder of Fraser’s Interview, and the author of an upcoming book written specifically for medical students applying to portfolio Universities; as well as a world-class educator. He has helped students with medical school entry for over 12 years. Working with him will ensure your very best foot is put forward and you can have the confidence of knowing that your folio isn’t between you and medicine. 


Naushad Ilahee

Naushad in an expert educator with multiple degrees. He taught economics at Latrobe University, advised international governments on education, and published works on language, politics and religion. In 2010, he co-founded Fraser’s GAMSAT Tuition and was the director of Sections 1 & 2 courses on humanities and essay writing.

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Turns out Shabeer isn’t the only one over there that is on another level. Myself and Dr Scott Fraser handpicked from the Fraser’s crowd their six most experienced tutors. I talked with them all. Trust me, you’re in great hands.

The truth is, guys, I’m not an English teacher. I don’t offer tutorials to people who need to get from 50-70. Because I never had to learn how to do that. I started at roughly a 60-65. What I know is what I did: getting from very good to elite. What these guys know, and do, day in, day out, is help students go from ordinary to extraordinary. So, when you want to use Section II – the section with the highest potential for uplift – as a strategy for demolishing your GAMSAT, then you can get it sorted here. My strategy in life is to ask those who are the best at what I want to be good at, how they did it. And then copy. We’ll I scored the highest so far and I’m telling you: these six are the best.

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