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Michael Sunderland

I’m Michael Sunderland: a ‌University‌ ‌of‌ ‌Melbourne‌ ‌science‌ ‌student‌, father, and GAMSAT mentor for premedical students interested in the highest levels of GAMSAT performance. I‌ ‌achieved‌ ‌91 in Section II, ‌and‌ 82 overall ‌in‌ the‌ ‌September‌ ‌2020‌ ‌GAMSAT sitting, and I now show others how to improve on the foundation I built, and outdo my performance.

Shabeer Zacky

Shabeer is Michael's personal GAMSAT mentor and a large part of the reason for Michael's success. He has been teaching GAMSAT for a decade, was the first tutor Fraser's ever hired, and was the origin of the psychometric interpretation of Michael's record-breaking Section II approach.

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Collab'ing with Frasers GAMSAT

I’ve handpicked six expert tutors from Frasers’ hundreds who have a combination of the most experience, and the greatest ability to serve the unique needs of the 90+ community. They have been vetted and I can personally vouch for their expertise and ability to get you to where they got me in Section II (which is: scoring better than I imagined).

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