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Michael Sunderland

I’m Michael Sunderland: a ‌University‌ ‌of‌ ‌Melbourne‌ med ‌student‌, father, and GAMSAT mentor for premedical students interested in the highest levels of GAMSAT performance. I‌ ‌achieved‌ ‌91 in Section II, ‌and‌ 82 overall ‌in‌ the‌ ‌September‌ ‌2020‌ ‌GAMSAT sitting, and I now show others how to improve on the foundation I built, and outdo my performance.

Shabeer Zacky

Shabeer is Michael's personal GAMSAT mentor and a large part of the reason for Michael's success. He has been teaching GAMSAT for a decade, was the first tutor Fraser's ever hired, and was the origin of the psychometric interpretation of Michael's record-breaking Section II approach.

Naushad Ilahee

Naushad in an expert educator with multiple degrees. He taught economics at Latrobe University, advised international governments on education, and published works on language, politics and religion. In 2010, he co-founded Fraser’s GAMSAT Tuition and was the director of Sections 1 & 2 courses on humanities and essay writing.

Hani Alasad

Hani studies medicine at Unimelb and scored a perfect 100 in S3, and 85 overall making him one of the highest GAMSAT scorers of all time. More than that, he is a beautiful soul with a love (and a talent) for teaching others and helping them reach that "aha" moment.


Steve is a USyd medical student, and former Unimelb science graduate with a perfect 100 in S3 and 83 overall! His gift is a truly uncanny mental clarity about the physical sciences and reasoning. He has an ability to see the entire picture, unobstructed, and guide you through a problem without any clutter in his explanation of the process.

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Turns out Shabeer isn’t the only one over there that is on another level. Myself and Dr Scott Fraser handpicked from the Fraser’s crowd their six most experienced tutors. I talked with them all. Trust me, you’re in great hands.

The truth is, guys, I’m not an English teacher. I don’t offer tutorials to people who need to get from 50-70. Because I never had to learn how to do that. I started at roughly a 60-65. What I know is what I did: getting from very good to elite. What these guys know, and do, day in, day out, is help students go from ordinary to extraordinary. So, when you want to use Section II – the section with the highest potential for uplift – as a strategy for demolishing your GAMSAT, then you can get it sorted here. My strategy in life is to ask those who are the best at what I want to be good at, how they did it. And then copy. We’ll I scored the highest so far and I’m telling you: these six are the best.

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I’ve handpicked six expert tutors from Frasers’ hundreds who have a combination of the most experience, and the greatest ability to serve the unique needs of the 90+ community. They have been vetted and I can personally vouch for their expertise and ability to get you to where they got me in Section II (which is: scoring better than I imagined).