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Elite-level GAMSAT guidance and medical school mentoring 

I am available on a limited basis for students who are committed to their development and to putting in the work during and in between sessions. 

I mentor all aspects of the journey to and through medical training: from GAMSAT, interviews and folio preparation, mindset, professional development, as well as help with social, personal, and interpersonal issues or growing opportunities. When you need to perform at your best: I can help. 


During my preparation, I collected hundreds of essays and purchased every high scoring student’s essays that I could find (they were scant) and then analysed them for common features and developed a hypothesis of why they scored highly. Next, I tested and refined my hypothesis until I got to a point where nobody could fault my work. The result was 91 – the 100th percentile and (nearly) the highest score ever. This is what I teach to those that have the ears for it. Since then, in every sitting I have tutored, a 90plus student has scored 90+ in Section II; and almost half of my students score above 78, regardless of where they began. 

This makes me – by far – the most effective training tool available for your GAMSAT preparation, especially in light of the fact that, per unit time invested, Section II is the Section that is the most liable to increase from any given baseline score. 


This is not ordinary tutoring, and I don’t muck around

If you want to drag your heels, make excuses, or expect me to do the work for you: please click away. This is not for you. Have a listen to this 10-second clip of my old tutor answering the question of what separated me from the students he had that scored in the 70’s and 80’s:

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This is your life. If you are ready to do the work to fundamentally alter the circumstances of it – not just what you do for work and what people think of you, but how you experience yourself in your world regardless of what it looks like – and need someone who knows how to get you from where you’re at, into the stratosphere of Section II and beyond: I feel responsible to make myself available to you; as there isn’t anyone else who specializes in this niche.

If you’re ready to kick some serious goals, click below

The links where you can apply can be found below. 

Please note that, for SII tutoring, I require students to send me two examples of their writing before making payment so I can discuss with you your goals and current situation and assess your suitability for a place. You can do that by completing the below form.

If, after that discussion we’ve agreed that we’re a good fit, please return to this page and fill in the booking form under the “Step Two” heading to finalise your payment and lock a time into my calendar. You will receive immediate confirmation and an email and SMS reminder before our appointment times.

You may book for interviews by clicking past the essay submission form. 

Please note: I don’t reschedule appointments. Your time is your time, I will be there with bells on. If you miss the time, that’s your appointment for the week. 

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gamsat section 2 essays

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