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How did you get 91 in Section II?

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In February 2020, I quit my job in insurance sales to return to school and refocus my life away from one that revolved around me, and toward one focused only on contributing to others. I had achieved what I always thought success was supposed to look like and realised it was empty. I began to ask myself what I could really be great at, and after a year of reflection decided I could be an exceptional teacher of young children, or a brilliant doctor. I chose medicine. My first task: the GAMSAT. I threw myself into study like nothing before – often studying 14-18 hours a day for nearly 6 months. I found early in my preparation that all S2 resources and tutoring were oriented around getting students to 75, and resources on scoring between 75 and 90+ didn’t exist. Combined with a lack of truly high-quality example essays online I was left to figure out much of it myself.

My GAMSAT Preparation

To learn what I know about Section II took purchasing every resource available (thousands of dollars), working with and burning through seven tutors (thousands more), reading 300-400 of the best responses I could find and analysing them for common threads; and unfortunately, a great deal of guesswork, intuition, and selectively ignoring tutors who insisted they knew better and that I wouldn’t be successful if I didn’t listen. 

How 90plusgamsat came about

Having now approximated what an ideal Section II response requires (for both Task A and Task B – in individual styles), it feels fundamentally unfair to me that others should have to repeat that process, and grope through the mystery and duress of discovering what I found. I’d rather you have time to spend with your family and friends, or additional time to study for S1 and S3. So, I decided to leave behind what I learned, so others can follow in my footsteps

What I teach

I now teach over 1200 students what separates a 75 from a 90+ Section II essay, and have written nearly two thesis’-worth of material on Section II alone. I love the process of teaching and continuing to clarify with my students what elite-level GAMSAT writing looks like. 

Where most students are at

Most of my students, prior to interacting with me or reading my materials, are either confused about what success in Section II looks like, are nervous and think they’re not brilliant writers and this is an impediment to their success, or are confident writers and have pre-conceived (and often unuseful) ideas about what good writing looks like. Here’s some free advice, on the house:

What is really being tested

Section II is not a test of how you write or what you write, it’s a test of where what you write is coming from. A psychometric test. It is a provocation of the depth and breadth of your intelligence, and intelligence can take many forms. From critical reasoning, logical, verbal/linguistic, emotional/social (both interpersonal and intrapersonal), academic (awareness of motifs in philosophy, psychology, history; or even contemporary affairs).

Can you do well without being a great writer?

Absolutely. ACER wants to see how you perceive, understand, and integrate the world around you; and how you situate yourself and your beliefs within and amongst that world AND how you interact with ideas that are different from your own. Thus, you do not need to be a fantastic writer to perform well in Section II.

In fact ACER say in the information book that “language and structure is assessed only insofar as it contributes to the thoughts and ideas, not in isolation.” Having mastery of language, poetic flourishes, cadence and style is obviously going to help; but it is not intrinsic to success or the thing being tested.

Statement of Results

best gamsat resources
Highest SII score ever
100th percentile overall
Students helped
Hours of development

Section II Myths

1. You need to pay somebody to do well in the GAMSAT

Nope. You don’t need to give me a cent to do well. Anyone who says otherwise is breeding insecurity. However, I personally hired, burned through and move on from seven tutors; and absorbed almost every single essay and paid resource on the internet about Section II. GAMSAT writing was my obsessive focus for 14-18 hours a day for six months. What I’m offering is not success, you have to do that yourself. But this will save you time, and avoid you working to somebody else’s criteria of what an ideal essay looks like, which may not be ACER’s.

2. There is one way

Also BS. I have never said that this way is the way it must be done. That’s what I was told by many tutors, and had to have the confidence to disagree and go with my gut. All I’m saying is this way can score the highest anyone ever scored. If you have your own style, stick to it; but knowing WHY my way scores highly allows you to integrate that into your own work and reap the harvest from the seeds I sowed.

3. Ok, so should I buy your materials?

I’d like to just say “yes” and leave it at that, but I want to level with you and get across why. If I had have been given this, or if I could even have seen one of my 90+ essays at the start of my preparation, rather than figuring it out at the end, I would have done so much better. Having the confidence to know I was working to something I knew in advance worked would have been worth many thousands to me. These materials will save you time and stress, and allow you to make the most effective GAMSAT strategy possible. The average person sits the GAMSAT 2.8 times. That’s $1500, and more to the point, 18 months of stress. Why not get it over and done with this time, and spend the time you’ve saved on something you love or which matters to you.

That now said, yes. You should.

I’m looking forward to working with you, like I have for hundreds of others – I do this for the love and gratitude, not the money. 

Jump on board, and let’s get your Section II sorted.


Daniel Tran

Daniel Tran

“Can confirm that Michael seriously knows his stuff when it comes to S2 and the GAMSAT in general. Having had the absolute privilege of reading through some of his essays in the lead up to September, it was abundantly clear that he had completely mastered the practice the nuances of S2, and his amazing score is truly reflective of it!"

Liv Dumville

Liv Dumville

“I had the absolute privilege of connecting and becoming friends with Michael in Semester 1 this year. He provided extensive and meticulous feedback every time I sent him a practice essay, with incredible attention to detail. I managed to score a 74 on S2 just from reading his essays and applying his feedback, which speaks to the quality of his work."

Blake Mills

Blake Mills

"It is very clear why Michael was able to score what he did in Section 2 - the information and insight as to what markers are looking for is priceless.”

Steven Zhang

Steven Zhang

"From struggling to write cohesively, to a 74 in S2, Michael always gave me candid and constructive feedback, and although I wasn't the most capable student, he was encouraging and objective. His essays are simply masterful, but Michael knows how to help people improve at every level, no matter how basic of advanced."

The 90+ SII Books

best gamsat resources

Philosophy of Section II Success

Answers, in 43 pages, the question "What separates a 75 from a 90+ response?" It covers the ten psychometric qualities that ACER are looking for in the best responses with examples from my own writing of how to do it, and two 90+ essays; as well as guidance of GAMSAT strategy, and lists of all the resources I used.

best gamsat resources

How To Kick *SS

Written for those who wanted a more prescriptive approach to argumentative or expository style writing. I go line-by-line with you to show you exactly what I did, where, and WHY, over 50 detailed pages. It is the most granular possible description of everything I know about elite-level writing and how you can ethically knock it off.

best gamsat resources

Twenty Of the Best

A collection, with commentary, of the twenty best essays I wrote during my preparation. All are above 80. Approximately eight are above 85 and six are above 90. This answers the question of what ideal responses look like and also shows you all the ideas, examples, and flourishes I used so you can reverse engineer it

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Who are my materials good for and are they worth it?…

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Where It All Started

Includes Two 90+ Essays
$ 150
  • (AUD)
  • The Philosophy of Section II Success
  • One Individual Task A Essay
  • One Individual Task B Essay

Section II Sorted

Includes Twenty Essays
$ 599
  • (AUD)
  • The Philosophy of Section II Success
  • How to Kick *ss in Task A
  • Twenty of the Best, including:
  • Eight Individual 90+ Responses
  • Eight Individual 85+ Responses
  • Four Individual 80+ Responses

Big Brohame

Includes Four 90+ Essays
$ 399
  • (AUD)
  • The Philosophy of Section II Success
  • How To Kick *ss In Task A
  • Three Individual Task A Essays
  • One Individual Task B Essay