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gamsat section 2 tutor

“Michael's Section 2 book is great, I definitely recommend it. It is very clear why Michael was able to score what he did in Section 2 - the information and insight as to what markers are looking for is priceless.”

Blake Mills

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“His essays are simply masterful, but Michael knows how to help people improve at every level, no matter how basic or advanced.”

Steven Zhang

gamsat section 2 tutor

“So lucky to have stumbled upon Michael. He is so terribly kind, smart and hard-working. I haven’t met anyone who scored 90+ in Section 2 so there isn’t anyone else quite like him at all 😀. His guide and essays are a god-send 😢 “

Shagun Batish

michael john sunderland review

“I could barely express how happy I am now to meet Michael. For the last sitting, I basically spent most of my prep in a self-defeating stupor unsure what path to take to take my essays to the next level. As Michael shows what's wrong with my essays, I'm so glad the path is so much clearer. Thank you my dude.”

Robert Selangor