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Look here’s the deal: there’s the preparation you’ve done and then there’s your performance on the day. They do not necessarily always correlate. ACER specifically says this isn’t a test of existing knowledge. I walked into the exam room on the day of my sitting in a tunnel-visioned focus, HUNGRY like a pitbull straining against a leash, to DEMOLISH my exam. Would you like to feel like that walking into your GAMSAT?

I scored the 100th percentile. Which is what I was doing before the GAMSAT, what I’ve been doing since the GAMSAT, and what I’m going to keep doing. I’ve spent $100,000 on my personal development over the last decade, and I’m here to tell you, a great deal of what I know, and what I used in my GAMSAT, is quickly and easily replicable.

I sat down and asked myself what would make the biggest difference to you guys a month away, no matter how much or little preparation you had done. How, if you sat down at a chessboard in the middle of the game, could you maximise whatever you currently had and go on to win?

I’ve answered this in a two-part, 31-page, book called “One Month To Go” dealing with GAMSAT-specific strategy and mindset, and it comes bundled with a two-part webinar series.

"One Month To Go"
PLUS two-part webinar masterclass series


How to approach Section I and III to save time and make more accurate "guesses"


The 90+ mindset. How to be good at ANYTHING & perform under extreme stress.


The common approach and mindset pitfalls on the day that lead to poor performance


Includes two strategy and mindset-based webinars in the weeks leading up to the exam

Bring it home bundle: One Month To Go (book) + two webinar masterclass series




Daniel Tran

Daniel Tran

“Can confirm that Michael seriously knows his stuff when it comes to S2 and the GAMSAT in general. Having had the absolute privilege of reading through some of his essays in the lead up to September, it was abundantly clear that he had completely mastered the practice the nuances of S2, and his amazing score is truly reflective of it!"

Liv Dumville

Liv Dumville

“I had the absolute privilege of connecting and becoming friends with Michael in Semester 1 this year. He provided extensive and meticulous feedback every time I sent him a practice essay, with incredible attention to detail. With very little preparation, I managed to score a 74 on S2 just from reading his essays and applying his feedback, which speaks to the quality of his work."

Blake Mills

Blake Mills

"It is very clear why Michael was able to score what he did in Section 2 - the information and insight as to what markers are looking for is priceless.”

Steven Zhang

Steven Zhang

"From struggling to write cohesively, to a 74 in S2, Michael always gave me candid and constructive feedback, and although I wasn't the most capable student, he was encouraging and objective. His essays are simply masterful, but Michael knows how to help people improve at every level, no matter how basic of advanced."


When will the webinars be?

On the 9th and the 16th of March.

Will the webinar be recorded?


Is it just for people who have purchased?


How many pages is the book?

31 pages

Is it worth it?

Tbh it is inconveniently high value because it makes the rest of my products seem more expensive and it really doesn’t make sense to have such high value in such a cheap product, but we’re a month out from the GAMSAT and I can’t imagine people spending big dollars with not as much time before the actual thing so here we are.. I’m also not going to delete value from it now it’s written just to make it make sense with the other products. It’s there now you might as well have it.

Short answer it’s worth WAY more than $99. In fact, I spent over $100,000 learning what I have put into this book. So, yeah, it’s a bloody steal.