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OK real talk.

Here’s the thing about a tutor. There are two requirements:

  1. They see things that you don’t about your performance.
  2. They know what perfection in the task they are tutoring looks like.

Now in one way, so long as they satisfy criterion 1, you should be able to make corrections ad infinitum and you’ll end up very good. In fact this is more than suitable to get you to 75 in the GAMSAT.

In another way, the ability of somebody to teach you to do something they can’t do themselves diminishes as the level of performance increases. Which is why you will find after a certain point (roughly at the 75 mark for GAMSAT writing) you get a LOT more wrong advice than right advice. And that’s where the intuition comes in.

I can't tutor you all.

I started all this because it felt unfair to me that I had to use as much intuition and gut, in the face of people telling me I was wrong, as I did. But I can’t tutor you all (except via my books, YouTube, and Facebook group where my time is leveraged). So I went on the hunt for those who could do just as good, or in many cases better than I could. And I knew just where to start: with the last tutor I had, the guy that refined me from 80’s to 90+. My Fraser’s tutor, Shabeer.

But I know who can do it just as good or better.

I don’t mean this to come across as arrogant, it’s just the truth of my lived experience: I can count the number of people who can understand what I’m saying if I don’t slow down or filter myself on one hand. When I talk plainly people get confused, uncomfortable, and the overhang of silence awkwardly lingers. It’s annoying. Genuinely lonely, in fact. But not Shabeer. He can not only keep up but he can PUSH BACK. So, when I went looking for who can help the 90+ community, I went to meet him firstly, along with some of the other Fraser’s crew.

That meeting ended up becoming a partnership and the rest is history. Turns out Shabeer isn’t the only one over there that is on another level. We handpicked from the Fraser’s crowd their six most experienced tutors. I talked with them all. Trust me, you’re in great hands.

Do what I did, to get what I got.

The truth is, guys, I’m not an English teacher. I don’t offer tutorials to people who need to get from 50-70. Because I never had to learn how to do that. I started at roughly a 60-65. What I know is what I did: getting from very good to elite. What these guys know, and do, day in, day out, is help students go from ordinary to extraordinary. So, when you want to use Section II – the section with the highest potential for uplift – as a strategy for demolishing your GAMSAT, then you can get it sorted here. My strategy in life is to ask those who are the best at what I want to be good at, how they did it. And then copy. We’ll I scored 91 and I’m telling you: these six are the best.

Get started below!

Up to 70

Don’t waste your time learning the wrong things

I had six tutors whose focus was helping me be a better writer before I met Shabeer from Fraser’s. And thanks to them I was a good writer by that point. But that was sufficient only to get me so far. Fraser’s showed me the difference between writing and GAMSAT writing. And that’s when things started to really started to fall into place.

I’ve handpicked six expert tutors from Frasers’ hundreds who have a combination of the most experience, and the greatest ability to serve the unique needs of the 90+ community. They have been vetted and I can personally vouch for their expertise and ability to get you to where they got me in Section II (which is: scoring better than I imagined).

Get personally paired with a tutor based on your individual needs

Dr Scott Fraser has offered to help me pair students with these tutors based on the student’s current ability and writing style, so you know you’re being taught the right things from day dot; and that their skill is working with students who write just like you.

A mentor to guide you each step of the way

Maybe you’ve bought my books, or already participate in the 90+ Facebook group – it’s clear for those who do that there’s huge gains available to those who do. Or maybe you aren’t yet ready to pull the trigger on doing business with me, or aren’t confident enough yet to post in the group and to improve that way. Perhaps it’s just that you know having someone to guide you on a one-on-one basis would be a better approach for you. I get that. My personal approach was to use everything available to me, but every person is different and if there are limited resources then it’s only fair you get to have access to what would work best for you. You’re ultimately the most important person – we’ve already finished our GAMSATs.

A 90+ discount and 90+ oversight of your progress
Pop in “90plus” during checkout and you’ll get a $200 discount on the Fraser’s x 90plus tutoring bundle; and I’ll also check in half way through your session series with them to mark your work and provide additional guidance.
Fill the below form out today and rest easy knowing you’ll be properly taken care of

If you’re interested in being paired with a tutor, you can secure your spot for four, or eight sessions (until these tutors’ times fill out), by clicking continue and filling out the form.

After payment, pop your name, email, and upload a sample of your recent writing and Scott and I will have a read and get back to you with some initial guidance on your writing and the best tutor to guide you through your journey to Section II Success. From there you can pick a time and get started right away!

I can’t wait to hear about your progression and growing confidence as the next sitting of the GAMSAT approaches.

Let’s get it sorted!

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Hands on tutoring with Michael is not the right option for everyone

I once had a mentor who said to me “be elite, not elitist.” That stayed with me. So I feel it’s necessary to explain my limited availability.

My intention since starting 90+ was to make decisions on the basis of what would lead to the maximum contribution to others. I quickly realised that tutoring one-on-one meant that I wasn’t available to the broader community during those times. Participating in the Facebook group, writing books, shooting video etc are all activities that are essential for the support of the broad community. Furthermore, most students are able to be served as well, or better, by the 90+ network of tutors. I am no English teacher.

This said, there are a subset of students who are already competent writers, who don’t need help to write better and have the ability to score into the 80’s and maybe even 90’s in the GAMSAT. For those students, there really isn’t any guidance available. This whole thing began as an answer to the question “What separates a 75 from a 90+ Section II essay?”

Elite-level GAMSAT guidance

For students of high ability who wish to maximise their flair for writing as a strategy for overall GAMSAT success, I am available on a limited basis.

During my preparation, I collected hundreds of essays and purchased every high scoring student’s essays that I could find (they were scant) and then analysed them for common features and developed a hypothesis of why they scored highly. Next, I tested and refined my hypothesis until I got to a point where nobody could fault my work. The result was the highest score ever. This is what I teach to those that have the ears for it.

If you can write to 70, I can show you how to write to 90

Writing to a 70, or 75 in particular, is ninety-percent of the hard work done. It takes a lifetime of accumulated work to get to that point. When you hire other tutors, you will almost always learn how to improve your writing. This will be sufficient to get you to a 75. To score above, you need to convey an awareness of what the test is actually about: you! Luckily, once you are made aware of it, the adjustments are quick and easy to make. In fact I firmly believe it is relatively easy to get from a 75 to an 85. Mostly, it’s a mindset shift. My progress was rapid when I started realising this. Yours can be, too.

It’s not cheap: and I don’t muck around

If you want to drag your heels, make excuses, or expect me to do the work for you: please click away. This is not for you. Have a listen to this 10-second clip of my old tutor answering the question of what separated me from the students he had that scored in the 70’s and 80’s:

Play Video

This is your GAMSAT. If you are ready to do the work, and need someone who knows how to get you from where you’re at, into the stratosphere of Section II: I feel responsible to make myself available to you; as there isn’t anyone else who specializes in this niche.

Please note: I have uni, I’m a single dad of a 2-year old, and I try to keep up with marking three essays in the Facebook group as least. I also have other, far higher paying, businesses; and family and personal life to live as well. The demands on my time are much higher than the supply, unfortunately.

If you’re ready to kick some serious Section II goals, click below

The links where you can apply can be found below. Please note that I require students to send me two examples of their writing before making payment so I can discuss with you your goals and current situation and assess your suitability for a place. You can do that by completing the below form.

If, after that discussion we’ve agreed that we’re a good fit, please return to this page and fill in the booking form under the “Step Two” heading to finalise your payment and lock a time into my calendar. You will receive immediate confirmation and an email and SMS reminder before our appointment times.

Please note: I don’t reschedule appointments. Your time is your time, I will be there with bells on. If you miss the time, that’s your appointment for the week. 

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