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Michael John Sunderland

Michael John Sunderland is a ‌University‌ ‌of‌ ‌Melbourne‌ med ‌student‌, father, and founder of 90plusgamsat. He achieved ‌91 in Section II, ‌and‌ 82 overall ‌in‌ the‌ ‌September‌ ‌2020‌ ‌GAMSAT sitting and now mentors premedical students interested in the highest levels of GAMSAT performance. 90plusgamast has since evolved on the spirit of community, altruism, goodwill, and grown to become the GAMSAT space’s premium GAMSAT provider helping students in both paid and free capacities. 

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From the founder


In February 2020, I quit a quarter of a million dollar a year job in insurance sales to return to school and refocus my life away from one that revolved around me, and toward one focused only on contributing to others. I had achieved what I always thought success was supposed to look like and realised it was empty. I began to ask myself what I could really be great at, and after a year of reflection decided I could be an exceptional teacher of young children, or a brilliant doctor. I chose medicine. My first task: the GAMSAT. I threw myself into study like nothing before – often studying 14-18 hours a day for nearly 6 months, resulting in scoring 82 overall and 91 in Section 2 – and ultimately being admitted to a Doctor of Medicine at Unimelb. 

The path was littered with wrong turns, bad advice, and dodgy intentions. It bothered me. Furthermore, amongst the 7 tutors I had and the courses I made use of, I found that the advice was geared towards getting a 75; and nothing existed to articulate how to bridge the gap between good and phenomenal performance. I was left to figure it out myself.  

It feels fundamentally unfair to me that others should have to repeat that process, and grope through the mystery and duress of discovering what I found. I’d rather you have time to spend with your family and friends, or additional time to refine your technique rather than guessing what to actually do, or what scores well, or what ACER are looking for. So, I decided to leave behind what I learned, so others can follow in my footsteps. 

I mentor those students who require access to the information, knowledge and expertise that I gained during my preparation, to lift their scores from great to elite, and enjoy the relaxation of achieving a GAMSAT mark that enables them to fulfil on their dream to become a medical professional. Along the way, the 90plusgamsat community grew, and a need arose to expand our trademark altruism, honesty, and expertise to Sections I, III, and the interviews. It took some time. I needed to find people who embodied the spirit that I brought to Section II and which made 90plus what it was. I have now done that, and for the first time we offer a service that covers the entire pre-medical process – helping you avoid heartache and hardship. 

Thank you for the privilege of trusting me with your dreams. I’m proud to watch each of them come to fruition through your hardwork and commitment to what we teach. 

– Michael John Sunderland

Interested in working together?

We have (very) limited availability to take on only the most dedicated students. If you would like us to help bring your GAMSAT dreams to life - get in contact with us below.