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Michael, a med student, father and founder of 90+ scored 91 in Section II and 82 overall. Today, he passionately guides aspiring med students, aiming to elevate their GAMSAT performance - and every sitting so far one of his students has achieved 90+ in Section 2. Under his leadership, 90plusgamsat has blossomed into a community-driven platform, becoming the go-to resource for GAMSAT students, offering both free and premium guidance.

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A Note from Michael

Back in February 2020, I made a life-altering decision. I walked away from a lucrative insurance sales job, earning a quarter-million dollars annually. Why? I yearned for a life centered around giving, not just receiving. I had tasted success, but it felt hollow. I pondered my true calling and realized I had a knack for teaching or medicine. I chose the latter. My first hurdle? The GAMSAT. I immersed myself in rigorous study sessions, sometimes stretching up to 18 hours a day for six months. My dedication bore fruit when I secured a spot in the Doctor of Medicine program at Unimelb.

My GAMSAT journey wasn't smooth. I encountered misleading advice and faced numerous challenges. Even with seven tutors and multiple courses, I felt the guidance was limited, often targeting a score of 75. The roadmap to exceptional performance seemed non-existent. I had to carve my own path.

I believe no one should tread this challenging path blindly. Instead of spending countless hours deciphering the GAMSAT puzzle, I wish for you to cherish moments with loved ones or perfect your skills. That's why I'm sharing my insights, hoping to illuminate your journey.

I'm here to mentor and share the wisdom I've amassed, helping you transition from a good score to an elite one. As the 90plusgamsat community flourished, we recognized the need to extend our unique blend of altruism, honesty, and expertise to all GAMSAT sections and even interviews. It took time to gather a team that resonated with our core values, but we've achieved it. Now, we're proud to offer comprehensive guidance for the entire pre-medical journey, ensuring you face fewer obstacles.

Thank you for entrusting me with your aspirations. Witnessing your dreams unfold, thanks to your dedication and our teachings, fills me with immense pride.