Slide All of the 90+ materials. Covering the difference between a 75 and a 90+ response, line by line how to do it for each task, my twenty best essays, and all the strategy and mindset I used in the last month to get the 100th percentile. Section II Sorted
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Slide A line-by-line granular explanation of exactly how to write an ideal
Task A response with two additional 90+ Task A responses.
How to Kick *ss in
Task A + Philosophy of
GAMSAT Section 2 Success
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Slide The guide has been subsequently updated with an additional 14 pages of content, bringing it to 43 pages in total, and in response to feedback from students, now includes two of my best 90+ essays (one task A; one task B – written in different styles). The Philosophy of GAMSAT
Section II Success
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Two GAMSAT Section II essays marked 91 by ACER that you must see before you continue with your preparation.

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I teach thousands of students how to obliterate their GAMSAT's, with a special focus on Section II. I scored 91 in Section II, and 82 overall. Here's what the end product looks like (#2 will rock your world).

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"When you see Michael's essay for the first time, you get a sense of shock with what's actually possible with GAMSAT." - Rob Selangor

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GAMSAT Success Clarified. Guaranteed.

Hi 👋 ‌I’m glad we’ve connected. I’m Michael Sunderland: a ‌University‌ ‌of‌ ‌Melbourne‌ ‌science‌ ‌student‌, father, and GAMSAT mentor for premedical students interested in the highest levels of GAMSAT performance. I‌ ‌achieved‌ ‌91 in Section II, ‌and‌ 82 overall ‌in‌ the‌ ‌September‌ ‌2020‌ ‌GAMSAT sitting, and I now show others how to improve on the foundation I built, and outdo my performance.

I partner with a network of elite-level tutors and personally mentor two thousand students via Facebook, Zoom, my blogs, and through my four books.

This website is your first port of call for access to all the information you need to succeed in Section II and your GAMSAT, and get the med interview you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s‌ ‌get‌ ‌to‌ ‌work.‌

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Psychology Behind 90+ In GAMSAT Section II

90+ Isn't

Having to be perfect all at once or at any time at all

Letting fear of others' opinions and imaginary scenarios about social rejection or disapproval get in the way of you participating

Waiting until tomorrow

Fear. That is, being unkind to yourself. And withholding from others.

90+ Is

Starting now and facing fear

Being willing to get it wrong enough times that you learn how to get it right consistently

Being 'on the court' rather than 'in the bleachers'

Knowing the right direction and taking consistent daily steps toward it

The Best GAMSAT Section II Books

Philosophy of Section II Success

43 pages. A comprehensive answer to the question "What separates a 75 from a 90+ response?"
- The ten psychometric qualities that ACER are looking for in the best responses
- Example from my own writing of how to do it, and two 90+ essays
- My 100th percentile GAMSAT approach and strategy, and lists of all the resources I used

How To Kick *SS In Task A

60 pages. A comprehensive answer to the question "how EXACTLY - specifically - do I write a 90+ argumentative or expository style GAMSAT essay, even if I'm not a 'good' writer."
- Line-by-line: what I did, where, and why.
- How to come up with insightful and deep ideas.
- The best way to evidence to support your ideas, what evidence, and where to find it.

Twenty Of the Best

55 pages. A collection of my twenty best essays. This answers the question of what an ideal responses look like.
- Ten 85-90+ Task A essays
- Ten 85-90+ Task B essays
- Almost all respond to ACER quotes
- All my examples, ideas, flourishes so you can reverse engineer what has already worked.

One Month To Go | 90 Plus GAMSAT

One Month to Go

31 pages. One Month To Go exists to make sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Your preparation, and your performance on the day are two separate things.
- SI and III multi choice strategy
- How to approach your last month to maximise clarity and results
- How to cultivate and maintain the 90+ mindset that will have you walk into the exam like a pitbull straining on its leash

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GAMSAT Section II Plans & Pricing

“Understand exactly how to score 90+ in Section II or your money back!”


$ 129 AUD
  • The Philosophy of Section II Success
  • One Individual 90+ Task A Essay
  • One Individual 90+ Task B Essay
  • Access To Facebook Group
  • How To Kick *ss In Task A
  • One Month To Go
  • Twenty of the Best
  • The Ideal Task B


$ 599 AUD
  • The Philosophy of Section II Success
  • How To Kick *ss In Task A
  • One Month To Go
  • The Ideal Task B
  • Priority Feedback In Facebook Group
  • Access to 2 private webinars
  • Eight Individual 90+ Responses
  • Eight Individual 85+ Responses
  • Four Individual 80+ Responses


$ 329 AUD
  • The Philosophy of Section II Success
  • How To Kick *ss In Task A
  • The Ideal Task B
  • Three Individual 90+ Task A Essays
  • One Individual 90+ Task B Essay
  • Priority Feedback In Facebook Group
  • One Month To Go
  • Twenty of the Best

SECTION II Sorted + Personal Tutoring

“Get GAMSAT’s best-reviewed and only 90+ scoring Section II resources at a once-off discount, with free personal support from Michael himself. Understand exactly how to come up with ideas, what to write and why, and how to deal with pressure – or your money back.”

LIMITED SPOTS $2799 $1999* AUD
  • Master Tutoring for 90+ on GAMSAT

  • Ten Weekly Sessions & Follow Ups

  • 100% Commitment to Success

  • How To Kick *ss In Task A

  • The Ideal Task B

  • Priority To Private Facebook Group

  • Twenty of the Best, including:

  • Access to 2 Private Mindset Webinars

  • Eight Individual 90+ Responses

  • Eight Individual 85+ Responses

  • Four Individual 80+ Responses

  • One Month To Go

100% moneyback guarantee

*Subject to approval. Requires a review of your writing.

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