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Ai guided S2 marking 

Struggling with GAMSAT?

The GAMSAT problems listed below are by no means meant to be exhaustive, but they represent some of the most common challenges faced by prospective med students.

Complex Text

Are you struggling to comprehend and interpret the dense and often unfamiliar texts presented in GAMSAT?

Essay Writing

Do you often find it challenging to articulate your thoughts coherently and persuasively within the time limit?

Non Science Background

Even students from a science background can find the breadth and depth of topics covered in Section 3 overwhelming.

Time Management

The GAMSAT is a long exam, and managing time effectively across all sections is a common challenge.

Test Anxiety

The high stakes and challenging nature of the GAMSAT can lead to significant stress and anxiety.

Lack of Effective Studying

Many students are unsure where to start and what resources to trust.


Without feedback, students might not know where they're going wrong.

Study Routine

Many students find it challenging to maintain a consistent study schedule for GAMSAT preparation, leading to cramming, gaps in knowledge, and uneven skill development across the sections.

Why choose 90+?

Here's how we can help.

Join the ranks of GAMSAT high achievers with our unique blend of expert instruction and personalised attention, proven by 40% of our students scoring in the top 0.1*%.

*Section 2 cohort September & March '21, '22, '23 

  • Strategies Designed only by 100th percentile scorers.
  • Extensive Tutoring Expertise
  • Meticulous Mindset Management 
  • Specialising in Students with Repeated Attempts
  • Proprietary Section 1 & 3 Strategies 
  • Experts in All Aspects of GAMSAT & Medical Applications
  • Self-paced Individual & Group Sessions for all Budgets

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Ayla Darling
Ayla Darling
Really personable and easy to understand. A great resource.
Alan Ratcliffe
Alan Ratcliffe
With Michael’s help, I got into my first preference university on my first interview. You’ve done so much work to get to the interview, it is definitely worth investing in coaching for this final step.
Prabhleen Kaur
Prabhleen Kaur
I got interview training from Michael. Interviews were my weakest link in the med application process so I wanted to get the help this time. The difference in my confidence, critical thinking skills and general interview skills was night and day from the first session to the tenth. Michael helped me not only with skills relevant to medical school but also on mindset and my outlook on this process. Michael has also created such an amazing community of people who are willing to help each other out, which was critical for my improvement over time. I'm so grateful for Michael's help and the help of his other students. Couldn't recommend him more!
Husna Siddiqi
Husna Siddiqi
Michael is an exceptional tutor. In my first S2 tutorial, I remember him telling us, 'we're not here just to learn tips and tricks on how to hack S2, we're here to genuinely transform ourselves into better thinkers'. I can safely say that in trusting and implementing Michael's methods, I found myself growing intellectually, in my ability to think both more deeply and more clearly. Michael's commitment knew no bounds as he strove to inculcate in us self-confidence, a healthy work ethic, empathy and clarity in thinking - qualities that make not only for a 90+ GAMSAT student, but for an intelligent, compassionate and balanced human being. Beyond understanding what it takes to excel in the GAMSAT, Michael possesses an acute sensitivity to the unique needs of his students and knows how to steer them towards self-improvement. Whether it's working with them to identify hidden 'mindset' issues, nurturing in them a love of wisdom that is philosophy, or helping them hone their ability to write beautifully, Michael's tailored and holistic approach to teaching is simply invaluable. For anyone aspiring to learn, grow and achieve an outstanding GAMSAT score, my heartfelt endorsement goes to 90plusgamsat.

Masterful GAMSAT mentors

The 90+ Team

Michael John Sunderland | GAMSAT Mentor | 90plusgamsat

Founder | 91 in S2

Unimelb Med


Jeremy Yuvaraj | 90plusgamsat Mentor

Head of Section 1 | 82 in S1

Unimelb Med


best s2 tutor

Head of Section 2 | 91 in S2

Unimelb Med


Head of Section 3 | 100 in S3

Unimelb Med


 What We Offer 

GAMSAT 90+ Services & Products

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GAMSAT Mentoring



  • Individualised schedule
  • Attentive oversight
  • Record breaking scorers 
  • Focus on personal weaknesses

Group Classes



599per term

  • 4 students per class
  • Fixed schedule
  • Record breaking scorers
  • Focus on common weaknesses

90+ University




  • Pre-recorded Videos and modules 
  • Cinema level audio and video
  • Covers S1, S2, and humanities 
  • Weekly Zooms and quizzes

Interview Training


799per term

  • Top Med students
  • Mindset training
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Folios/GAM applications

Full Biscuit (Everything you need to succeed)


If you're looking for a complete and comprehensive end to end solution to your GAMSAT preparation, then the full biscuit will offer you that and more! 

  • 40 hours of one-on-one instruction across S1/2/3.
  • Michael personally oversees every step.
  • Full access to 90+ University + a comprehensive education in Western intellectual thought
  • Full access to Michael's 7 books and all his 90+ essays
  • Unlimited access to LikeMike AI for on-demand essay grading and feedback


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Our Story

90plus was founded on, and is dedicated to, a desire to demystify the premedical process and to make clear and unambiguous what is required to succeed – so that all that remains is hard work on behalf of the prospective doctor. 

We believe nobody should be disheartened by the prospect of becoming a doctor due only to being given the wrong advice, or simply not finding the right advice and guidance. You can do it, and we can show you how.